This delicious glycerite has been infused with herbs to support your immune system and combat feelings of an anxious mind, aides in relaxation of mind and body, and promotes a deeper, more restful sleep. This glycerite provides a slightly gentle, sedative like effect, but you'll wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy.


We take our Sweet Dreams Elderberry Syrup ingredients and carefully infuse them in vegetable glycerine. We recommend 1 dropper to 1 TBS before bedtime daily. All our Glycerites come in a 2 oz amber dropper bottle. *Some of our customers are able to use this during the day with no drowsy effects, and it helps alleviate their anxiety.


Please be careful until you know how the glycerite will effect you personally. Glycerine is a safe option for everyone, including children. This is a popular choice for parents to use for their kiddos. Glycerine is naturally sweet. It tastes delicious and may be taken straight from the dropper. You may also mix it in tea, a glass of water, or juice. You may also add glycerites to a veggie capsule.


Ingredients: Glycerine infused with organic elderberries, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic lemon peel, organic cloves, and the following organic nervine supportive herbs of passion flower, skullcap, valerian root, lavender, and chamomile.


Here at Wildly 207, we always choose the highest quality herbs and essential oils we can find for our herbal products. Organic, ethically wild-crafted, grown in our own pesticide free gardens, or sourced local as much as possible.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please check with your doctor before use. We try our best to make sure the information in this description is correct. It is up to the customer to research an herb before use. Please consult your medical provider when using any herbal products. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients do not use this product. Our products are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any medical condition.

Sweet Dreams Elderberry Glycerite

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